English: about us

Stroomversnellers.nu is not easy to translate in English but we think Green Accelerators kind of nails it.

We are a movement that focusses on accelerating towards a sustainable future AND bringing everyone along.

  1. Sustainability is the only way
  2. We need to bring everyone along


We started out by combining the growth of green energy and helping people that cannot pay for their energy. In the Netherlands there are a stunning 750.000 households in that situation. By organizing events we gather money to pay for more solar panels. That is our first contribution and it helps to ban out fossil energy sources. The revenues of those solar panels are used to help people that cannot pay for their energy at this moment. This is our second contribution: bringing everyone along.

Climate Frogs -small steps to green up your act

Research shows that making the biggest impact is done by having many people take a step in the right direction. And the smaller the step, the faster people will join in. Therefore Climate Frogs share easy steps each of us can make, in order for many people to join. By doing so we aim to spark a huge impact. And maybe, if one step was easier than you imagined, you will take another. You choose the pace, we offer the options. For a great green future.